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I don’t even like wine, but this week I’ll make an exception

Wish I still had these babies in the house right now lol

This week has been extremely emotionally draining. My toddler is at the stage where he is testing his boundaries with everything and thinking it’s funny when mom gets mad, as well he seems to not want to speak English this week so when he’s upset he just stands there and cries in my face, and my 8 month old is cutting a tooth from hell and all she’s doing is crying, so I’m surrounded my crying every waking moment. I cannot remember the last time I had a meal that was still hot, or even the last time I had a coffee and finished it before it was ice cold. Now don’t get me wrong, Alex tries his best to help out but my children are mommy children, so when they need something or get hurt all I hear is mom mom mom. Which is great but after the 30th time hearing mom in half a day, the word starts to get annoying lol

I love my kids with every bone in my body, but this week I’m at the end. Here’s the situation I am in on a daily basis. I live in a town where there is literally nowhere to go in the day time. I have like no one here to hang out with, every morning I wake up 6:30 to the sounds of screeching cries, and half the time I wake up in the middle of the night to crying as well. I do not have adult conversations barely ever so when I am out I get verbal diarreah and come off looking like an idiot. I can only go to the grocery store/mail/library so many times before that starts looking weird and people get sick of seeing me there, let alone I have to take the kids with me when I go and wherever I go, so there is a constant crying/defiance from one of them. I don’t get invited out places because clearly I must be weird or something, I do not get to go to lab city alone to relax, and the store closes here at 6 so by the time supper is over they are closed, and on weekends I like to go out as a family instead of leaving Alex home with the kids. I literally sit in the same two chairs all day, and occasionally the vehicle. I am beyond excited to go to lab city in a week to get a mole removed, yeah you heard correctly, I am excited for someone to cut into my flesh and sit on the incision site for 2.5 hours, because Melanie is taking my children for the day so I can get that done without worrying about them and fighting with them all day long. I get to be a human. And even thought I’m going to be in pain afterwards, I will be thankful for every moment.

I know, being a stay at home mom is such a blessing, and I love being home with my kids, but I am never without my kids, I do not get that grocery store trip, or even a dive to Tim’s, I don’t get to go to a job and be an adult. I don’t get to go out for coffee with my bestie and talk about anything other than baby things, and I know so much about baby things I don’t really even know what adult things are. When my kids go to sleep, I watch the clock and calculate in my head how much sleep i can get before they wake up.. I barely talk because I’m actually enjoying the silence, I do not want to cuddle because I’ve had two little beings invade my personal space all day and I just want to be left alone. Any mother knows this feeling, like if someone else touches you you’re going to explode in a puddle of so many emotions, you do not know whether to scream or burst into tears. 

Anyways just writing this heads made me feel a little better, but I had to get it off my chest. And I know I’m not the only person going through this, so to those who read this and can relate, I’m with you. 

Later taters


My crazy house full of love

It’s 8:30 a.m. and I am presently finishing off coffee number 1 while contemplating a second coffee and watching my children. 

Ethan is over at the dining room table, he found the cheesies Alex and I left out from last night, and I didn’t stop him from eating them all, I just took amusement in what he was doing. He was sly with it at first, then when he wanted a drink he gave away what he was doing haha. 

Abby is over at the toy box, kind of playing with the toys, but mostly watching Sesame Street on tv. She is starting to walk around furniture a little bit now, and she’s crawling like a baby on a mission. The fun stage of keeping her from hurting herself and keeping her from getting at the dog food/water has started. So far I’ve lost the second battle twice this week, I mean every child should try dog food at least once right? 😂

It’s a Sunday morning, Alex is still in bed with a super cuddly Ivy pug, Penny is out here in the living room, looking out the window. It’s fairly quiet, which is nice but unusual. Maybe I’ll get that second cup of coffee, should probably go into the kitchen, not only are there dishes but Abby has made her way into there a lord only knows what she has gotten into. 

Earlier I was watching Ethan and Abby, she already worships the ground he walks on, it’s absolutely adorable, yet slightly heartbreaking when he wants nothing to do with her, for example if she wants to play with the dinosaurs, he doesn’t want her to. The joys of siblings. Earlier Ethan brought me out a pack of yogurts from the fridge so I could give him one and the entire time she watched in amazement like “one day I’m going to be just like my big brother”. 

Having two children under 3 isn’t always easy, but it is certainly rewarding. Parenting is always going to have its good and bad times, and it may seem like it’s getting easier the older they get, but it’s actually getting more difficult. As an infant, they are easy, yes lack of sleep sucks, and if they are colic (like Ethan was) then it sucks a lot, but there was no real teaching, no reprimanding, no feeling bad during a time out, no scraped knees or gashes on their body, and there was certainly no talking back. Ethan’s only 2, I can imagine what I will add to this list by the time he turns 3. Parenting isn’t supposed to be easy, it’s the hardest, yet most rewarding, thing you will ever do. There will be tears, yelling, frustration, and that’s just from you, you’ll get all that and more from your kids as well. 

Well I’m off for today, a poopy diaper is calling my name 😂. 

Later taters!

My Pregnancy with my little girl ❤️

My two pregnancies have been so different in many ways and similar in only a few.

I have been very fortunate to not have any morning sickness on either child, however for the first trimester I had bleeding on both babies. Ethan’s cleared up after the first trimester but this one was different and the cause was an infection which was cleared up by 17/18 weeks. Both babies wanted me to eat fruits, however she seems to be wanting more sweets now, which is not good for either of us haha. 

My pregnancy with Ethan was a lot easier, I never had the aches and pains, I could walk kilometres without needing a heat pack afterwards, and I could do any task without pain or pressure. My little girl is very different. 

Let’s start with the hips shall we? I had a section with Ethan, because he was breeched, so I never experienced any hip pain with him. I don’t even think he dropped before he was hauled out. Since about 20 weeks on her I cannot sleep without agony, my hips are burning and aching to the point no matter how I lye there is no relief. Even when I walk around I need to catch myself on something because I’ll get a random sharp pain that feels like my hip is gonna pop out. 

Back pain, oh holy lower back pain. This is constant but even worse when pressure is applied to my back. It’s not as bad as the hips unless pressure is applied, otherwise I can usually ignore it unless I have been out walking or doing a lot.

Walking is now not fun, I do it because it’s exercise and promoted during pregnancy, but man does it hurt my hips, little sharp pains in each hip and it feel like it’s always that moment the lil one decides she wants to be like a lead weight. 

For the past couple of weeks the most different sensation I’ve felt is when I squat down to help Ethan with something or play with him, literally feels like she wants to come now, like a lead pressure pushing downwards, hurts sooooo much and it’s so uncomfortable! 

Let’s talk about the public differences of a second pregnancy..

  1. People no longer worry about you. First pregnancy people would open doors, carry your stuff, and go out of their way to help you. Now, nope lol. You gotta be super mom, carry that screaming toddler under one arm and wrestle them during those diaper changes. All while gymnastics is being performed in your uterus.
  2. Your toddler really doesn’t care if you want to nap or rest, he wants to run around and have you chase him, or even better, he wants to be thrown into the air multiple times. Of course this has to be done from a standing position because sitting down isn’t as fun.
  3. You are super mom because if not no one would be fed, have clean clothes, and the house would be a pigsty. I admit sometimes I lose this battle and nap when Ethan naps, instead of cleaning, because I just can’t do it.
  4. If you have one under 2 like I do, you will become a human jungle Jim, and no matter how much you try to explain it they will step all over you for cuddles, hugs, play time, and even just to make you forget they did something bad
  5. Second or third or tenth pregnancies go quicker than your first because you have so much to do and a little one(s) that require your attention. 
  6. You have the same concerns you had on your first pregnancy, just less time to worry about them. 

I am appreciating this pregnancy more. My little girl kicks and punches a lot more than Ethan ever did, so it’s nice when I finally sit down to feel those kicks, even if they are directed at my cervix 80% of the time. 

I am excited to see Ethan with her. I know for the first bit he will be jealous but it’s all about including them in your activities and asking for their help. He will love his sister and he will be a great big brother. 

I cannot wait to have her in my arms, but at the same time I can because this is possibly my last pregnancy and I want to enjoy every last kick, hiccup, and craving. 

Anyways that’s my update so far. Otherwise I’m unemployed and enjoying mommy life, the diapers, snotty noses, and everything else :). 

Till next time!

Later taters!