Birthday Parties and being sick. 

Ethan eating ice cream and cake 😍

Being sick is the worst, luckily tylonel complete and an awesome husband are making this flu easier. In a way I lucked out by having the flu on a weekend, hubby’s off work so if I need to go lye down or a break he takes over without an issue. I find there are three types of mothers when it comes to parenting, there is the “does everything mother” who just does everything, not necessarily because she has to, she just does it because it would be done faster if she did it. Second we have the 50/50 mother. This mother equally shares responsibilities with the father, pretty much the best way to be if you ask me. That’s if you can be that person. Finally the 3rd mother is the do little mother, these children are generally raised by other parent figures such as grandparents. Now in now way am I including those single mom, or moms who bust their asses working to provide a life for their child. These moms definitely fall under a “do everything” mom. 

Generally I am a do everything mom. Without hesitation I jump into everything and get it done asap (except laundry.. that may stay in the dryer for a day or two haha). However a do everything mom needs to know how to be a 50/50 or even a do nothing mom when they need it. We all get sick, we all need to get better. We need our sleep and our “sanity” time. That’s generally why we have significant others and/or nanny and poppy, you need to know when to take a break. So today I have dropped down to a 50/50 parent. Alex woke up with the kids and let me sleep in, he took care of feeding them and their diapers, and he even took “Ethan” duty at the birthday party we were to today. 

Let’s talk about birthday parties with 2 kids for a minute. Generally Ethan’s invited to parties and Abby comes along with. Which is awesome because alex does Ethan duty and I take care of Abby, or we switch. Birthday parties without alex there are generally shit shows lol. Especially if you have more than 1 under 5. Try chasing two children who go in opposite directions. You can’t. So those moms I commend you and will probably join ranks soon enough haha. 

I love kids birthday parties! Ethan gets such a thrill going on the bouncy castle and playing with toys 😍. Abby will love it too when she gets older, I can’t wait. Also I just love children, I’m done having children, but I just love them! They are so facinating, they way they are learning and interacting with each other and adults. It’s proven so far that kids do act differently when talking with adults over their peers, and even someone as young as Ethan is showing this. Now when it comes to his interaction with us it’s different than other adults. For example, we say no and he throws a tantrum and lies on the floor. When he hears no from another adult he listens, and other kids say no he generally listens unless he’s already worked up too much, in that case only a stern conversation and time out will work. 

Anyways I’m going to end this here cause I need a nap and pug cuddle. 

Later taters!



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