Potty training and Poonamis


This morning I woke up to Ethan crying at 7am to get out of bed. I was not ready to human at that point so I took him and my iPad into our bed till about 8:30, which is a completely acceptable human time, and Abby woke up. Lately Abby has been waking up full of poop so when I went into her room, and the unmistakable smell of crap wafted towards my face, I was not surprised. So like anyday I go and start changing her, initially I notice she didn’t poop as much as normal so I just assumed I would be changing her again later in the morning, that was until I was wiping her clean. I lifted up her legs and the poop just kept on going, right up her back, way past the diaper barrier. For some odd reason she is finding this hilarious and keeps trying to roll over in it, which is slowly getting it everywhere, so I have to use ninja mom tactics to ensure this did not happen while I was cleaning it all up. 
All while this was going on, Ethan was sitting on the toilet “showing his dinosaur” how he does his pee and poop. So Ethan is 2 years and 4 months old, we have decided since he was two that we should start potty training by getting him used to the potty and such. So far he seems to think that pooping and peeing are the same thing so he poops and pees on the potty no issue, as long as it’s the pee that comes from forcing out a poop. Oh and did I mention that he doesn’t go voluntarily, nor does he tell you he has to go… which leads to fairly interesting encounters like the following:

The other day Ethan must have fallen asleep with poop in his diaper (went down for a nap and pooped just before he fell asleep) so when he woke up I had to change him. Poor thing had a bad bum because of it and the poop was like dried on in some places. So I got a warm facecloth to get it off without making him bum any worse, since he was already crying because of him diaper rash. While getting the face cloth he yells out “Mommy Water” in this very unhappy voice. I thought he just meant he heard the water so when I went in to find his already bad bum sitting in a pile of his own pee, my heart broke but I tried to use it all as a learning experience. “Ethan honey, that’s called pee, we are only supposed to pee in the potty. And your bum hurts because you pooped in your diaper instead of your potty”… yeah that learning experience didn’t work lol.

When it comes to potty training, I love my child, but he’s a little shit haha. Multiple times of the day he will come over to me, stare me down, and just pee in front of me, then laugh and run away. The worst is poops.. he’ll come over, purposely get your attention, then smirk as he poops, then when he is done he’ll grab his diaper, yell poop and run away with a big ol smile on his face… I love my child, I love my child haha.

I have presently been up for about 40 minutes now because I gave birth to a tiny pterodactyl who randomly woke up quarter to 3 to play me the song of her people. Generally mothers wake at the tiniest sound of their child talking in the nights, most times she’s soft spoken but tonight was the complete opposite. To the point I changed her diaper, reset her sleep sheep and decided to stay on the couch for a little bit to see if she would kick a fuss for food because when she’s talking away like this, I can’t get back to sleep anyways so why not write a blog! Worst thing is I have to go to Lab City in the morning so I’ll be exhausted allllllll day and because of the messed up sleep schedules, I’ll be up later with the kids and miss out on more sleep 😩. Oh the joys of motherhood… is it Saturday yet? Oh only Wednesday… I still have 3 full days of negative sleep before my husband can take over for a couple hours so I can nap? Ugh.. 

Oh crap.. Ethan’s waking up now too… of course they would work together.. come on kids, coffee doesn’t even work on momma anymore, I need sleep to function like a human being! Oh…. they don’t care.. gotcha…

Anyways I’m gone to feed a little one and pray that works at getting her back to sleep. 
Later taters!


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