Mommy of two

August 19, 2016 my life changed forever and I became a mom of two. You never really understand what that means until you have two yourself. Constantly tired, one keeps you up in the nights while the other gets you up early and makes sure you stay awake, and slightly guilty your first doesn’t get the same attention anymore, especially when you are feeding the new baby and he’s throwing a tantrum at your feet because you can’t read him a book. 

This morning Abby got me up an hour before her normal feeding time, she normally takes an hour to eat, so this meant 7:30 she was back asleep. Ethan was asleep and Alex went back to sleep in seconds but unfortunately I couldn’t get to sleep, once I’m up, I’m up. I may nap later today but if Ethan’s napping I generally like to spend the time with Abby because she is already growing too quickly and I really don’t want to miss out on any time with her this young. 

So I bought winter boots for Ethan and about 8:30 I gave up and came out on the couch. Generally Ethan’s awake by 7:30 so it was strange for him to still be asleep, I certainly wasn’t complaining because I was actually able to sit down and have a HOT coffee, a luxury often taken forgranted by those without a toddler strapped to their legs, and listened to the rain on the window. Today is going to be like every other day, add in some laundry, but mainly meals, tidying up after my tiny toddler tornado, and feeding Abigail. Joined weight watchers last week… Weigh day is Tuesday for me so I’ll be sure to update you on that Tuesday, I just know birthday cakes eat a lot of your points up lol. 

Anyways this is a short post today, check back in again Tuesday unless something else happens. 

Later taters😘


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