It’s Hard

Someone is the happiest baby in his Bumbo :P
Someone is the happiest baby in his Bumbo 😛

I have been sitting here wondering how to start this off, honestly it’s kinda difficult to start these blogs off every time I write them. I guess my issue today is I am just in a bad mood and I would rather be sitting on the couch watching movies or sitcoms than moving. I am just tired… I had a long week with Ethan last week, and the last couple of nights its a fight to get him to sleep. You know, something you don’t realize when you are a couple with a new baby is that you are going to yell at each other because there isn’t anything you can do to calm your fussy baby. You’ll feel like shit about it, but it’s going to happen. You’re both dead tired, this adorable little ball of love is screaming in your face and you can’t be angry at him because he doesn’t know any different, so somewhere in your mind you go “well if he doesn’t know any different than my significant other should” and you start to take your frustration out on them. And don’t worry they will take it out on you as well haha.

Anyways, update time!! I’m still fat :O yup that’s a surprise, when you only feel like you want to sit on the couch all the time you tend to eat a lot of things you probably shouldn’t. I know I was supposed to write a blog about an update on my weight but once again horrible mood = no blog, no loss of weight, weight gain. Now I haven’t gained much, i’m at 293 now so yay…

Now BABY UPDATE. Like any mother, I love talking about my little peanut :). This week we went to the health nurse on Wednesday for his two month needles, they are right, it hurts the mother more than the baby haha. He was a trooper and had his two needles, one in each thigh. He also got weighed and measured. His weight was 11lbs 8oz (chunky monkey), is 57.5cm long (gonna be a basketball player haha) and his head was huge lol. He came in between 40-50th percentile for his height and weight for a two month old, and his head… wait for it… came in at around the 97th percentile.. Yup big bobble head baby I got here :P.

Anyways I must be off for now.

Later Taters ❤


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