Real Talk.. Things they don’t say about being a mother

Sleepy little Batman <3
Sleepy little Batman ❤

Well mother to a lil boy, I am sure there are a lot of similarities between a lil boy and a lil girl haha.

First things first, you will get peed on. Actually if when you change the first diaper you don’t get peed on then, its astonishing. I will never forget my first diaper change with Ethan. He sprayed all over the privacy curtain in the hospital, the floor, and my hospital gown. In hind sight I should have thanked him, gave me a reason to wear real clothing again haha. And don’t think that after the first time you will have it mastered, because you don’t. Just when you are about the close the diaper, all the vaseline and such is already on, bam, you get hit in the arm. Yes you will try your best to aim it into the diaper, but not before there is pee all over you, the change table, and your – what you thought was clean – baby.

Well since we talked about number one, here is number two. You will spend far too much time thinking about your baby’s poop. At least I did. Consistency, size, colour, smell, all those lovely attributes that make up a healthy baby poop. And heaven forbid one of those is not “normal” because then you spend far too much time googling what could be wrong. In my case my lil one has solid (i mean solid) dark green poop, so what i’ve realized is that he was constipated and he had too much iron in his system. switched his formula and tada normal mushy yellow poop. And I could not be happier when I open that diaper and see that staring back at me. Oh side note, they may poop on you as well. Ethan sharted (farted with projectile lil bits of poop) and caught me on the arm, honestly just happy it wasn’t my face haha.

No outfit is complete without a little bit of drool or spit up, and when you do go out for supper and you have that little stain on your shoulder, no one even cares. You are a parent now, just laugh about it and move on. Ethan had so much gas issues the first 6 weeks of his life that I wear that spit up with pride when I walk into the grocery store haha.

“Sleep when your baby sleeps” that’s actually great advice, no really it is, but its next to impossible to uphold. First off I wasn’t blessed with that sleepy newborn, not in the slightest, the moment he came out it was wide eyes all the time except for his short naps. Also I don’t know about you guys but I can’t just nap at the drop of a hat, takes me a lil bit to get into a nap and just when I’m almost asleep, he starts crying. I’ve gotten use to the no naps in daytime, never napped really anyways, but it’s the night times that kinda drives me crazy haha. Men don’t overly understand how “sensitive” we are to all the little noises our children make. Ethan coos and I stir, if he makes just his “Stretching” noise, I wake up entirely and just lye there wondering if he’s gone back to sleep or not. In an 8 hour span I get about 4 hours of actual sleep, and crazily my body thinks that is suitable now haha.

You will cry at all of his firsts, and you will not get used to having to put away clothes he’s too big for. Ethan grew out of Newborn clothing at like a month old and I cried. Now he’s almost through his 0-3 clothing and I’m dreading the day I have to take that clothing and put it away. Also when he goes up a size in diapers.. first time I pull the tab on those size twos I think I’ll cry again.

Never wake a sleeping baby, that I wholeheartedly believe in. However don’t let a sleeping baby stop you from going out or getting things done. Quickly change your child and put them in the car seat, they will wake when they are hungry and if you’re lucky you might get a quick feed before you head out and they will go right back to sleep.

My final thing has to do with a baby’s crying. Babies cry, and sometimes they cry for no reason. If your baby is not dirty, not hungry, and doesn’t have any gas.. well there isn’t anything you can do but attempt to soothe them. However if its 5:00, you’re trying to get supper while attempting to clean up a mess you’ve left for days because “you slept during his naps” then you’re going to just have to let him cry. Just remember that your child will not remember anything from these days, but unfortunately you’ll never forget them so don’t think yourself as a bad parent for letting them cry, think of yourself and keeping your own sanity, because if you become insane then you could become that “bad parent” you’re worried others a perceiving yourself as.

Anyways all, I must take off, gotta get some laundry done and start in on supper.

Later Taters ❤


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