Back home, settling in, and back to realizing i’m just fat again..

Good evening (or day, whenever I actually finish and upload this) everyone!

Tomorrow I will be back in Churchill a full week. It’s been a long one but due to some unfortunate circumstances (Alex getting strep and having a doctors appointment) I haven’t been alone very much. Life is slowly getting back to normal, well as normal as ones life could be with a new baby. The first couple of nights were difficult, not having my mother and father to help when he was crying was very difficult, kinda just had to keep reminding myself of what my father said before I stepped on the plane “have patience with him”. And patience is something I must have, now he is a lot better now than he was before thanks to his new formula, but still, like any baby, he fusses.

So the whole reason I started this daily (ish) blog is to show my progress in losing weight week by week. I’m slowly going to get back to that. I’m going to do say a weekly weigh in, like before, and then any random post between say, every Sunday, would be random life events and all the fun and happenings of being a mother. And just so you all know, i weighed myself this morning and I am weighing in at 291.2lbs. Gotta get my act together again and get back on track because this lil one isn’t going to stay little forever.

Anyways enjoy a photo of Ethan in his Halloween costume and till next time!

Later Taters!

mommy's lil pumpkin <3
mommy’s lil pumpkin ❤

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