Going back to Churchill Falls… Emotions Emotions Emotions

Those eyes, get me every time :).
Those eyes, get me every time :).

Today is my last day in St. John’s.. A day I have been trying to avoid thinking about since the lil man was born over 6 weeks ago. Tp say I am happy would be a complete lie. Yes it will be nice to get back to life, my own stuff, my own area but I am leaving my family. Yes I have been doing this for over two years now but its not the same this time. I am taking something my family and in-laws hold so dearly to them, my son, back to Churchill Falls where they will miss pretty much ever milestone, from rolling over to his first steps. Each time they see him he will be a different child due to his development. I guess I’m just very family orientated, my family just means so much to me that there are things I just want them to be around for to witness, to be a part of.

Today I will cry, I have to say goodbye to my sister and my niece. Tomorrow I will cry I have to say goodbye to my biggest supports since I had Ethan my mother and father, that may break my heart.. no it will break my heart. But Alex and the girls are in Churchill Falls, so my little family is there I know I have to go back. Honestly I can’t think of anything else to write on this matter, I keep crying when I try to write any more. I think this will be my last post until I am back in Churchill settled in and such. Then I should have more regular posts (something about isolation makes it easier to post regularly.. must be the inability to just go out for a couple hours shopping or driving around). Anyways onwards to two very emotional days…

Later Taters


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