Gynocologist, Ultrasounds, and Section. All to become a family of three (five if you include the pugs)

38 weeks
38 weeks! Your father and I cannot wait to meet you Ethan! Just focus on getting strong and being healthy! See you in two weeks xox ❤

First I want to start off this post by saying that my pregnancy has been coincidently a giant countdown to my best friend (Kevin’s) birthday. Unless he decides that he wants to flip into a non breech position (which isn’t likely) then Ethan will be born by section on September 9, 2014 at 10:15 a.m. (exact time will be a little later but that’s my section time). In two weeks I will be holding my baby boy in my arms, probably bawling because I’ll be so happy he will finally be here :).

Let’s start this blog back a week or two ago. First thing I want to say is that the biophysical ultrasound is the most amazing ultrasound I have ever experienced. The women at the Health Sciences are amazing and very informative. I went in Thursday past for my ultrasound, unfortunately found out that he is indeed breeched and he is facing into my spine so photos are impossible (thanks Ethan). He has plenty of fluid which is always a good sign, he has great blood flow through his chord, his head was measuring at almost 40 weeks, his stomach was 37&6 and his legs are measuring almost 39 weeks. At the time I was 37weeks and 2 days, and overall he was measuring 38 weeks & 6 days, so a week and a half ahead. Which isn’t out of the ordinary since he has been measuring at least a week over each ultrasound we have had outside of the first one at 7 weeks. The biggest surprise I found was his weight, now I have joked throughout this entire pregnancy that Ethan is gonna be huge and he’s really not disappointing. At 37 week, 2 days he was weighing 7lbs11oz with a discrepancy of 1lb2oz in either direction, so the smallest he was weighing was 6lbs9oz and the largest he could have been was 8lbs13oz. To top this off I was told that he should be gaining roughly 1lb a week, so with 3 weeks left I could expect him to gain 3 more pounds. This would put his birth weight between 9lbs9oz and 11lbs13oz.. so I’m starting to be thankful I’m getting sectioned haha.

So I’m not 100% with how my gyno approached the section. He’s on vacation presently (which he is certainly entitled to) and comes back next week. Now before he left he stated to me that his counterpart at their office would take care of my section and such details since he probably wouldn’t be there. Which I was okay with, I understand that if you go into labour chances of your gyno being the doctor to deliver your baby is slim anyways. So I went to my next appointment with his counterpart (first I had to wait almost 2 hours to get in which is beyond frustrating, especially when you are constantly worried about the prospects of a section and the overall section procedure and recovery) and when I walked into the room she was rushed to get me out (obviously she was almost 2hrs behind) so she just sprung the fact my gyno (who is on vacation) has already booked my section for my due date (Which alarmed me because of his measurements the entire way along and the fact they normally try for 39 weeks not 40 to section you) and didn’t give any indications as to why it was booked so late so when I asked why is it so late basically I got because he’s on vacation and its probably the earliest time he could section me based on his availability and the availability of the OR. Yes that is a completely reasonable explanation, but I can’t talk this over with him until it’s too late to change the date and the other two doctors I’ve talked to have been like “well you’re shit out of luck” (that’s what was said but in different words). Personally I do not want to go into labour, then have to get sectioned when I could pass that labour stage all together and not put either of us through it. Unfortunately there is a risk I will go into labour before my section date which is why I’m more than thankful Alex is flying in on Friday this week. My biggest fear is he wouldn’t make it and with a breech baby the time would not be there for him to get from Churchill to here in time. Wednesday at my next gyno appointment I kinda just wanna walk into the appointment and be like “I missed you so much because the other two suck and I kinda wanna yell at you because you booked my section and just left so we couldn’t even talk about it” now yes I know normally you do not get a say in your section date, but after the last appointment I had with him it wasn’t 100% I was even going to have a section. let alone if he had of just told one of the other doctors, or left a note explaining why it was my due date and not before, it would have made me feel a lot better. I understand schedules are hard to work around but it’s my child, and my body he is cutting into, I would at least like to be talked to about it, not have it sprung on me and given no explanation for 2 weeks.

Anyways enough of that rant, let’s talk about a section. So personally I do not know how this will turn out. I have the possibility that it will be a long recovery and I’m limited on what I can lift and do. Which overall sucks because I’m not exactly the one to sit around and let everyone else do things for me. I have been told I will only be able to lift Ethan and that is it. I can’t even lift him in his car seat. So basically i’ll be pathetic, which isn’t going over well for me because I have two 25lb pugs I lift daily and I’m going to want to be going out with Ethan. Thankfully Alex will be here for just about 2 weeks and he knows how stubborn I am with this kinda thing so he’ll probably yell at me a lot and will certainly do all the lifting for me. I have people who have told me they had the worst experience with it, some have had the best experience, and most just talk about it as painful and I will not want to be on the go cause i’ll be in pain. All I know is that it’s highly unlikely he will turn and I’m doomed to have the section.

So two weeks and I will have him here. In all his chunky adorableness, he will be 100% dependant on Alex and myself, we will try our best to teach him what he needs to know and try to lead him in the right direction. All I know is that as of September 9th 2014, our lives will be changed forever, and I cannot wait!


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