34… Almost 35 weeks

You know when they say shit is starting to get real? Well the constant movement in my belly is certainly evidence of that. I still have no idea what position this little man is in, I am hoping head down but I just have this gut feeling he’s not. I get a lot more of a pushing sensation up high while I get more flutters, and what I’m assuming are kicks, down low. Almost wish I had a portable ultrasound machine so I can see his movements and judge what they could be lol.

This is going to be a busy week for myself, and in turn my little monkey. Saturday (today) is prenatal in a day class, Sunday is baby shower planning, Monday is free, Tuesday is making desserts with my sister, Wednesday is regatta, Thursday is gyno, Friday is a wedding, Saturday is brigus and getting ready for the shower, and Sunday is my baby shower, then all of the following week will be shipping stuff back home for Alex to pick up at the mail and put away and getting an ultrasound haha. At least I will be keeping him busy.

I think the terrifying thing about labour is not knowing when it will happen. It could happen in the next five mins or the next five weeks, whenever the little guy wants to come out he will. Makes it difficult since Alex is in Labrador and I am here in St. John’s.. Part of me fears he won’t be here for the birth. I know that’s all we can do and he will be down ASAP, but still. It’s the only reason I have for wanting Ethan to come on his due date, every other part of me wants him out early so I can kiss those little cheeks and not be pregnant any more during this heat and humidity.

Anyways, this late post must come to an end cause I need sleep.. That or a freezie.

Later Taters!!



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