33 weeks and counting

"No more photos mommy, I'm tired :(" Trying to be camera shy with his hand covering his face and what looks like a little smile :) <3
“No more photos mommy, I’m tired :(” Trying to be camera shy with his hand covering his face and what looks like a little smile 🙂 ❤

Hey Everyone

Hope everything is going fine with everyone today. I’m doing fine so far today. Everything is getting serious quickly now though, less than three weeks and I’ll be full term, less than 7 weeks and his due date will be here, and in no more than just under 8 weeks for sure I’ll have this adorable little bundle of love, completely dependant on me. Basically for the next few weeks when someone asks me how I feel about it all I just state “Excited and Terrified”.

“It takes a village to raise a child” a phrase I’m sure we have all heard from time to time, along with the “you’re not alone in this” phrase. Both are correct of course, but neither make me any less nervous. Which I am assuming is a common emotion, at least it’s been common for me over the last 33 weeks.

I only know the following things:

  • I am completely in love with Ethan
  • I am willing to fight for everything he needs in life
  • I have an amazing Fiancé, whom, even though we are not together, knows how to keep me together
  • I cannot wait for Ethan to arrive, safe and sound
  • I am terrified something may happen with him and the only thing that keeps me calm are his little kicks and movements I feel almost constantly
  • I do not have a clue what to pack in that stupid hospital bag, so as a result if I was to go into labour tomorrow I’d be running around the house trying to figure out what to pack/probably forgetting everything and having to send someone to get all the right stuff
  • He still doesn’t have his first baby’s blanket, like the soft and comfortable one to snuggle with in mommy’s arms, and I’m not sure why this bugs me so much haha
  • I cannot wait to hear his first little cry
  • I have no clue how to be a mother, but I am going to do my best

Basically I love Ethan and I’m not prepared personally to have a child, kinda have to kick myself in the butt and get a start on being prepared. We don’t even have a stroller yet, sigh, complicated things lol.

I’m debating driving back to Churchill with Alex, or sending the pugs back to Churchill with Alex at least. Not too sure, anyone ever travel with a like 2 week old before? It would be a solid 2 days of driving so not sure if anyone has that experience or not.

Oh mies, must be taking off for now I guess, this is taking a lot longer to type than expected since I got distracted looking at stroller haha.

Oh yeah, at UC Baby 2 weeks ago he was still breached, which is no big deal cause he has plenty of time to flip. Also I will be having an ultrasound at 36ish week and weekly there after so that’s exciting I guess haha.

Later Taters ❤


One thought on “33 weeks and counting

  1. For baby all you’ll really need are a few sleepers, some wipes (the ones the hospital has are awful) and a breast feeding pillow if you plan to breast feed. The hospital will provide everything else you’ll need for baby.

    For you, beyond an over night type bag with clothes and toiletries make sure you have flip flops for the shower, some hair ties and some snacks (hospital food is awful) and some good pads (I recommend always infinity) 🙂

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