Nerves and Finally Home

July 9th, two months until the due date. Slightly scared, but I imagine that’s how all parents feel before their lives change forever haha. Had a prenatal exam yesterday, never gained any weight, and belly is now measuring at 36cm while I’m only at week 31. Doctor said in about 3.5 weeks we will see exactly how chunky he is haha. Today is UC baby day so hopefully we will get a good idea of what he will look like when he is born, hopefully he’ll be handsome just like his father :).

I have almost been home for a week, it’s obviously not the same, nor would I expect it to be. A lot of people have moved away, I have a niece who I want to get every spare moment in because I know eventually I will have to go back to Churchill, and everyone has their own routines, jobs, families and lives. It really makes me love and miss the little family I do have. Yes the pugs came home with me but I really do miss Alex, even just sitting on the couch playing with our ipads. But we both know we will be seeing each other soon and it’s for the best of the little man to be closer to the hospital, you never know what could happen and the safest place to be is right next to the best children’s hospital in Newfoundland and Labrador.

I have realized during pregnancy that being a mother does not start when the child comes into this world. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant you change your entire life, how you eat, how you sleep, exercise, and habits. Your health is just as important as the babies, just because you can feel the baby kicking, doesn’t mean you should ignore that pain you’ve been having in your back or the fact you are a little lightheaded twice a day. However, fighting for your baby starts immediately, until your child is able to fight for itself you will be fighting his/her battles, trust your instincts, especially since for the first bit of their lives they cant even communicate to let you know what is wrong, let alone a strange doctor. No one knows your child better than a mother, especially in the womb, if you have noticed a decrease in kicking, or they haven’t moved in the past day and every other day they are crazy kicking and stretching, question it, don’t just think, tomorrow he will be better I’m sure. It only takes a minute to call someone to ask a question and put your mind at ease, this is why their are health lines you can call 24/7. I have used this multiple times and each time I found it perfectly helpful. The nurses who answer your calls will let you know if its normal, something to worry about, and whether or not to go to a hospital.

Anyways enough chatting for now, time to go get ready to put the pugs in the groomers and meet a 3d image of the face I just cannot wait to meet :).

re-using a photo, not writing on my iPad or iPhone so just too much messing around to get a new photo haha
re-using a photo, not writing on my iPad or iPhone so just too much messing around to get a new photo haha

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