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The dogs look terrified in one of our announcement photos haha
The dogs look terrified in one of our announcement photos haha

Well well well. This past week has been an eventful one to say the less. Ended up in St. John’s for a medical appointment with my gynaecologist. He’s super nice and is taking me out of Churchill, the date to be exact is this Friday July 4th. This is really exciting and good news for me because I get to be next to a hospital and therefore I will have less stress and less worry (even though I will have all that anyways, when you’re pregnant you just worry). Sad part is leaving Alex up in Churchill by himself. Thankfully he has work, and tons of it, to deal with and keep him busy. Then when he comes home he has a lot of work to do in the house to get Ethan’s room ready for his arrival :).

Found out for sure this week that Ethan doesn’t like Cesar Salad. At least not the dressing. Nothing like violently throwing up for 12 hours straight to take the fun out of your week.

So I leave Friday, 6 sleeps as my mother would say. I on the other hand count it in days I get to sleep in and days I have to work haha. For example I have 2.75 days of work left this week, I work Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I get to sleep tomorrow, Tuesday (God Bless Canada Day) and Thursday and every night left I get to spend off with my little family before I go. Other then that I expect it to be a relatively quiet week in Churchill Falls. School is out for the summer and with that most of the families are gone on vacation as well. Unfortunately means that it will probably be a slow week but what better way to end off at work before going on leave? Can’t wait! Just going to have to try to get through the week without a lot of UNNECESSARY stress, obivously i have the stress of moving my life to town for a few months and making sure I don’t forget anything but outside of that there really shouldn’t be anything or anyone to stress me out *knocks on wood*. A girl can only wish haha.

Anyways I’m almost 30 weeks pregnant. Only 10 weeks to go, and if I’m lucky maybe less than that, can’t imagine being ready to pop and in the humidity of St. John’s without an air conditioner. I feel a lot of drives will be taking place to get some air conditioning haha.

Till next time I’m gone to try and pack my life away, oh yeah Alex wanted me to let everyone know he’s cooking supper tonight, god love him haha. First time for everything :P.

Later Taters! ❤


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