Over it already

DSC_0077Well well, hello again.

Wednesday night, not close enough to Friday night as I would like. Pregnancy is getting annoying and I really need to have Alex home now because it’s just been too long in this house by myself. Hard not having someone there to give you a hug when you have a bad day at work, or simply just having someone there to keep you company in the night times. This entire week has been terrible weather wise, I’m constantly drained of energy, I’m still sick but there isn’t anything I can do on that matter, I just want to go to bed but if I do i’ll just be up 5 million times in the night because it’s only 8 and my body hates me and sleep recently. I literally just feel as though I am going through the motions, my body aches, I am getting headaches all the time, September just cannot come quickly enough for my liking. I know wishing it all away isn’t a good idea but I’m just ready to have him in my arms all cuddly and cozy.

One good thing this week is that I found out the Ultrasound results. little man is measuring a week bigger than expected. This means that instead of this being 28 weeks, it is actually week 29. As well finally signed my papers and I am officially off probation!! Woo that makes me so happy! Also only 4 more sleeps until I get to go to St. John’s and get all this pregnancy stuff sorted out with the gynaecologist. It’s been a long time waiting for this! The hardest part of it all is not knowing. Way too much unnecessary stress in this pregnancy. Bright side, I’ve decided to have a baby shower after all in Churchill Falls. Few of the girls are going to throw one for the little man once I get back in town with him :). Then the entire time I can pass him around to everyone at the party. Kinda be like a “meet Ethan/Ethan’s baby shower” kinda thing :). It will be a blast I’m sure :).

I am pretty much having the worst mood week of my life, which sucks because with these stupid hormones I can’t control anything I do, so my eyes start tearing up at work, I have to bite my tongue a lot more than normal, I’m just not happy and kinda always thought you should be happy during pregnancy. Even talking about the little man isn’t cheering me up. Hell my favourite pass time of cuddling pugs isn’t cheering me up. I’m just stuck in a rut and want a hug :(. June month has been way too long, WAY too long.

Anyway this is my post for tonight. I will probably have a lot more posts coming up soon. I tend to post more when Alex isn’t home. I find even if he’s just sitting on the couch on his iPad it’s comforting. I hope he has the best of time at this wedding the weekend, and I wish I could be there, luckily I get in Sunday night for the medical on Monday so I will get to spend two nights with Alex in town but I still miss the wedding 😦 boo. I’m gonna try to stay awake for the next two hours so I go to bed at a decent time.. Somehow i’m not sure how that one is gonna play out. Check out facebook for that answer haha.

Later Taters!


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