Why do the weekends go quick while the week just drags by?

27 weeks :)
27 weeks 🙂

No seriously, and I know the fact there are 3 more days in the week than there is in the weekend. I’m pretty much having a childish/sick weekend here. I started getting sick Wednesday and just went downhill from there :(. I’m hoping tomorrow i’ll be on the mend. I’m thinking coughing up a lung is the worse it gets and that’s where I am to right now.

Working all week this week, with the exception of getting a needle on Tuesday, Thanks Alex for having a positive blood type. I seriously hope it’s not one of those huge needles that hurt like a bitch, that would suck. My branch manager and regional manager are dropping by on Wednesday so it’s going to be a minorly stressful week. Bright side, I’m not alone and the girls are pretty awesome so I’ll get through it.

Had my ultrasound on Tuesday, little man is certainly packing on the pounds. I’ll find out this week exactly what he is measuring “week wise” but all I know so far is for 27 weeks he is a porker at 2.7lbs. I’m thinking he’s actually a bit older than 27 weeks, I’m guessing 28 weeks, but we will see this week. I had my glucose test on Wednesday which I’m thinking I barely passed, so it’s probably best to watch what I eat anyways.

Alex is gone out for a wedding in St. John’s, drove out all by himself, and he is gone until the 24th. Thankfully I finally got my gyno appointment in St. John’s, they are flying me out on the 22 and I’ll fly home with boyfriend on the 24th :). Needless to say this pregnant woman is having a feed of Chinese food with her family :). I will finally find out then when I will be getting out for Maternity Leave on the 23rd. Worst case scenario is that I fly out every 2 weeks (till I cant fly anymore) for appointments, best case scenario he wants me out for 30/31 weeks :). Definitely rooting for the latter.

I washed all the clothing I have for Ethan today. He has more outfits than me already. Which makes complete sense because he will probably go through 2-3 outfits a day. My baby shower has been set for St. John’s :). Keep an eye on your facebook and mail for more information there. Gonna be a crazy time! There is a rumor there may be Bingo, gonna be wild with some Bingo :). I’m super excited! My bestie and mom are planning it so it’s sure to be a blast!

Only a week till St. John’s!! Cannot wait to see my family, and see their reaction in person to the baby belly :P. Little Ethan is on his way 🙂 and everyone is so excited to meet his little squishy face :).

Well here’s to week 28 of being pregnant, bring it on.

Later Taters!! ❤


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