Week 27… well Kinda :)

Miss Ivy giving cuddles with her tongue out
Miss Ivy giving cuddles with her tongue out

It is week 27, or at least it starts this week. Officially into my third trimester, according to a few sites anyway! Cannot wait until Tuesday! I will get to see my little man on screen again! I hope that he grown so much! Hopefully he waves at us again, every time I watch that video my heart melts. It’s like he just knows mommy and daddy were watching :). I have my own fetal doppler, which I love because if he’s not moving as much as I’m used to I can just quickly haul it out and check his little heartbeat :). I’m not as obsessed as I was at the beginning of the pregnancy, checking it every day to two days. Now it’s like once or twice a week maybe. The fact he moves a lot and I can feel him kicking really helps to reassure me that he’s okay.

I finally have an appointment with my gyno this month, hopefully when I get back I will know for sure the date I will be getting out of this town. I am still hoping for the end of this month. Not only am I craving food not available in Labrador, I miss my family, and I am constantly worried about my little peanut. So fingers crossed, at the very least maybe I can get a trip out every two weeks to go see the gyno until they send me out for good.

Alex is gone basically all month. Last I heard he’s only home for a maximum of 3 days this entire month. Comes home Monday night and then runs to lab city with me again for the ultrasound, then  gone out to a wedding on Wednesday on the island for two weeks, back a day and gone again till the end of the month. Maybe that will change but as for now that’s it. Gotta love being a widow for a month, at least I still have the two puglets to keep me company and give me lots of cuddles. Tomorrow I will be walking around town with work, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and cuddling pugs. It’s pretty much my life now.

This week is the ultrasound, and the glucose test. Ever get a sinking feeling that you’re going to fail a test? I have that feeling with my glucose test, which if I fail I will have to get that three hour glucose test which is just something i’m told isn’t pleasant. Drinking that nasty liquid once will be bad enough. I will however let you all know those results once I get them in, guessing they will take some where on a week to get back so it’ll be a long week. In the mean time I’m going to be excited to the ultrasound news and the glucose news next week. I find having something to look forward to each week helps to get me through the week. Not going to lie, it’s hard. Not that I hate my job, just makes time go more quickly if I have something to look forward to each week, especially without Alex being here.

Anyway, it’s time to end this for today and probably pick it back up later the week! Especially with new photos of the little man :). Nothing I look for more in this life than seeing his adorable little face.



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