Oh Me Nerves

Hey Everyone!!

Into my 25th week of pregnancy this week and everything is seemingly going well. In 1 week and 6 days I have another ultrasound appointment (i swear I’m not counting days haha) and I cannot wait to see my little peanut again! Love of my life already and he’s only an image on a screen.

I had a conversation with my doctor and she was telling me how she thinks they will send me out of town between 30&32 weeks. I prefer 30 weeks like anyone reading these blogs knows already. Tomorrow is my prenatal appointment and hopefully I can get dates solidified then so at least I know when I will be home. It’s stressful not knowing a date because I want to make sure so much is done with the house before I leave and I’m a huge procrastinator so I’ll probably leave it till last minute haha.

I’m still scared, I’m hearing more stories around town of people having to get med-evac and having to wait hours for them to arrive, while in the mean time there is no equipment here to keep a child alive if complications were to arise and the clinic, according to a new nurse I was talking to the said clinic can deliver a child. That’s all fine and dandy but after that pretty much both mother and child are out of luck if any complications arise until you can get to Lab City. Which then if something is drastically wrong with the child then the little man would have to be flown out to the Janeway in St. John’s and that’s a 3 hour flight from here.

If you haven’t figured out by now I have a “worst case scenario” person and honestly I don’t think it is such a bad thing when it comes to the life of my own child, but i see how its a bad thing with other aspects of life. If i’m stressing out then that is not good on the baby, and i will not be able to stop stressing out until I get to St. John’s.

Also I’m going to nip something in the butt right now. Yes I knew what I was getting into when I moved to Churchill Falls in regards to Health Care. But I did not plan on getting pregnant in Churchill Falls ever really. I planned to be in St. John’s. I also never planned on being this large and pregnant. This pregnancy was a surprise and unplanned. So when i keep hearing from the doctor “You should have thought about all of this before you moved up” It makes me wanna scream because I’m in a situation that is entirely new to me, completely unplanned, and very scary and having someone tell me pretty much its my own fault is ridiculous.

So enough about that. I’m pretty sure I gained weight in the last 4 weeks. I’m hoping its not too much, but I have noticed and increase in my eating habits and unfortunately its not always the good for me food that I run to or can get a hold of.

That’s about it for my rant this week haha. I swear next time I’ll be talking about something different, hopefully I’ll be bringing good news from my appointment tomorrow (even though I am getting the sinking feeling that i’m not going to have good news 😦 )

Later Taters!



One thought on “Oh Me Nerves

  1. Most complications come with birth defects and those would be determined with your ultrasounds and if there were concerns they’d suggest you stay in St.John’s. And keep in mind that it wasn’t to long ago most births were done at home without any doctors or nurses so… You and baby will be fine, so relax and enjoy the ride!

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