Kicks, Cravings and Weight



Miss Melanie Churchill and Myself next to a giant truck, Had to hold penny up, she was fascinated with all the salt on the ground. 



Good Morning World,

It’s Sunday of May 24th weekend! Super happy I don’t have to get up tomorrow morning and go to work, but kinda sad that the weekend is going by so fast. Got to go to Lab City yesterday, which was awesome. Now I have been there a lot it seems in the past few months with ultrasounds and such, but It’s a lot nicer to be able to go without having an appointment. One of my good friends from up here, who coincidently happens to be just a week and a bit behind me in her pregnancy, Melanie came with Alex, the pugs, and myself. Overall it was a pretty good day. Picked up almost everything we wanted, pugs got groomed and their nails are finally cut, picked up some adorable baby clothes (I just can’t help it haha, if I was in St. John’s I would be in big trouble haha), and got some delicious food. 

My cravings this pregnancy haven’t been too bad. Mostly healthy stuff, but lately it’s been chips and that’s just so unfortunate for myself since I really don’t want to gain weight and chips are counter productive haha. Bright side, I have learned that junk food makes the little man move like crazy, and thanks to feeling him kick more often I know he’s growing. Had a kick yesterday morning right in the belly button, crazy to think at one point he was behind my pelvic bone, not anymore my little chunky monkey. I almost enjoy his kicking a little too much, I know that will change when he’s kicking full force and potentially into my ribcage. 

I have pretty much a solid 2 weeks until my next weigh in. I decided to not do the weekly weigh ins because being pregnant and eating a bag of chips will make my weight fluctuate a lot. I now only weight myself formally at the prenatal exams. Last time I was about 294lbs. Which was awesome but partially due to the fact I got wicked food poisoning the weekend before which I probably dropped 10lbs from haha. I personally hope that throughout this pregnancy I don’t go over my starting weight of 297, that would be ideal because then I would definitely have lost weight during this pregnancy and when Ethan comes out I’ll be lighter and happier because of it. 

Overall this has been an okay week. The fact I can feel his kicking is putting my mind at ease a bit more, still stressing about the whole no doctor thing. When I spoke to her about it I got “You should have thought about that before you moved up” and in my head I was like “Yes, because I moved up, expecting to get pregnant and be this size, what about accidental pregnancy don’t you understand”. Yes I know the women here are more than qualified, but if something was to go wrong I’d rather the 15-20 minute drive from my house in town to the hospital than the 2 hour drive to the hospital in Lab City. Something about the fact that time could play a major role in critical situations makes the 15-20 minute drive slightly more appealing. 

Anyways don’t really want to rant about that for the third post in a row so I will leave you with a simple statement: 113 days until Ethan is due, 77 days till I’m 35 weeks and therefore will have to be out of the town anyways due to flight restrictions, and only 23 more days until I get to see his handsome little face on the ultrasound screen again :). 


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