A topic I know all too well. Everyone is guilty of making up and excuse or “white lie” to get out of something they don’t want to do, or stated they would but have since changed their mind. Whether it is saying you have three days till the exam to study so you can take tonight off, or saying you need to have a smoke to relieve stress even though you haven’t had one in weeks. 

Personally, I have made up more excuses than I can even remember, and probably even more than I can count. I am guilty of the procrastination excuse, I completed 18 years of school, If someone can go through all that schooling and not be guilty of this, then you’re a pretty amazing person. However the one excuse that has impacted my life greatly has been the one where I make excuses for why, and how much, junk I eat. I’m not going to lie, I have sat down and ate 2-3 chocolate bars in one seating, I’m the girl you see buying a large popcorn at the theatre, I’d rather the large fries, and definitely coke over water. My excuses? “I haven’t eaten much today so 3 chocolate bars = 1 meal”, “I only go to the movies every so often so I’m getting the largest popcorn they have with two types of seasoning”, “Well it’s only 25 cents more, why not get the large fries, someone will eat what I do not finish” (yeah, their marketing works on me big time), and “The fizz of the pop helps soothe my sore throat” (yeah, I went as far as that).

There are different levels of excuses obviously. You have you’re first level excuses: “Oh well it’s Christmas, I’ll have another cookie”, you’re second level excuses (these normally involve deadlines for work/homework): “I was sick all weekend and couldn’t get the time to complete the *Insert late task here*”, and finally you have a third level excuse (these normally include stressful and/or life altering situations): “I’ll take my birth control pill in the morning, I’m already in bed” and then 9 months later ending up with a child because you did this 3-5 days in a row and never ended up taking the pill in the first place. Also this favourite of mine which I take from a Dane Cook skit “I know he’s a jerk and treats me like shit, but I can’t leave him, my cd’s are still in his truck” … yeah, everyone has either been in, or know someone who has been, in that type of relationship. 

Everyday in high school I came up with every excuse under the sun to get out of exercising because it “didn’t look cool” or I didn’t want to make a fool of myself in front of some cute guy. Today I wake up every morning kicking myself because if I had never of made those excuses back then and just grit my teeth and did it, I wouldn’t be in the trouble I am today. I’m not saying to never make excuses, even I wouldn’t want to go see a horrible movie twice because a friend wanted me too, I’m just saying to realize what you’re trying to prevent yourself from doing because if not, like me, you’re going to wake up some day kicking yourself too.  


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