Hey Everyone!

It has been way too long since I have written a post and YES I know I missed weigh week but its cause I gained and felt like crap because of it, however once again I’m back to that 298.8 and I’ve started in on one of those 30 day challenges.

Squat Challenge is going to kick my ass big time

As you can see in the picture it’s the 30 day squat challenge! I’m on day 3 and already it hurts to move into or out of a sitting position. I cannot wait till day 30 when I’m doing 250 squats and unable to move haha. If this challenge goes well I’m looking at doing a 30 day ab challenge which, if it’s anything like the squat challenge, will probably kick my ass haha.

As well I have purchases one of these beasts:

2.2L of Water... Gonna have to pee all the time haha
2.2L of Water… Gonna have to pee all the time haha

I plan to get at least one of these into me daily, I want to aim for two but now that I’m starting a new job I do not want to have to get up every 15 mins to use the washroom. Some people are skeptical about “drinking lots of water helps you to lose weight” and I understand that. I was at first too, but when I went to LA Weight Loss my graduating year at high school they suggested you drink 2-4L of water daily to flush out salt in your system. I lost 20lbs and its the smallest I can ever remember being so that’s why I still resort to drinking a lot of water. Now I’m not saying I didn’t drink other beverages. I still have a can of pop, coffee, and juice, but as long as I drink the water on top of those beverages it’s fine.

Anyways, I must go get some hot-dogs for dinner :). Oddly excited, not very often I eat hot-dogs outside of bbqing them. I promise Sunday I will have a weigh day blog up, but if I gained I gained, I just have to remember my gains should motivate me to lose weight, not shame me into keeping it a secret and eating more.


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