Eventful few days

As most of you may know by now, thanks to facebook, I have had quite the eventful past few days. First let me get this out of my system. Packing sucks! There is never enough room for everything and you always forget something last minute haha. As per usual my boyfriend and I take one day on our vacation and have a “Date Day” just the two of us, nice breakfast, fancy supper and normal something fun in-between. This time everything was like normal, went to Blue on Water for brunch (I recommend this place to everyone), went and walked at Signal Hill for a little bit, went on a drive on most of the baccalieu (totally spelt that wrong) trail, portabellos for supper, then finally a walk in Bowring Park with the pugs. Half way around the duck pond my boyfriend got down on one knee and proposed :). Needless to say he’s no longer just my boyfriend but my Fiance :).

Anyways due to hectic lifestyle till Sunday I feel I will be gaining weight, which sucks, but I will get back on track once we get back in Churchill Falls. I cannot wait to start planning our wedding :). I’m so traditional in my preferences I’m just too excited haha.

Love him so much!

Anyways, as always, weigh day is Sunday, probably will not post till Sunday but you’ll all understand, especially those who have ever driven to Churchill from St. Johns haha.


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