Emotional Eating

Everyone who has ever had to leave home, whether it be because of work, school, or a relationship. Suffers from the don’t wanna go back blues, especially if your constantly leaving all your family. Don’t get me wrong, Churchill Falls is actually growing on me and there are aspects of it I enjoy, but leaving my family always makes me sad since I am such a family oriented person.

Unfortunately I eat my emotions and deem it unnecessary to count calories and I eat anything put in front of me. Really sucks since I am trying to loose weight and I don’t need a bad mood kicking me back to the start line. Anyone have any suggestions or tips to help prevent this emotional eating? I would love to hear them!


One thought on “Emotional Eating

  1. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones, and hide the unhealthy snacks! Especially raw veggies. You’re gaining more nutrients than calories then, plus tons of vitamins!

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