Nails and hair

Love my nails, especially my “disco” pointer finger haha.

Nothing is more relaxing than having a girly day :). Got my nails done, I don’t do them often but since I am convocating on Friday I figured it was a good idea :). Then of course I needed to get my hair done and if anyone knows me that process is at least 4 hours long and involves putting awesome colours in my hair :). There is no blonde in my hair now, I have a dark brown base with purple, blue, turquoise, and a reddish purple. Not too noticeable from the front but from back on super cute!

Had a fun relaxing day with the boyfriend, went and saw the movie gravity, had popcorn but didn’t eat it all, and ate a few nachos. Gotta say the movie is really good, I suggest however if you are going to see it (and haven’t already of course) that you go see it in 3D or IMAX! Just worth the money! Then we came back to my house and cuddled some pugs :). Only 8 more days till Churchill Falls, then Christmas is just around the corner, wow how time is going by quickly, should probably finish Christmas shopping so I don’t have to do any when I get back home.


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