What not to do on a diet

Junk food supreme, but was it ever good going down haha

Not going to lie, just ate a greasy ol burger, nachos, fries and gravy, and ice cream. Unfortunately I didn’t eat all day so the calories still work with my daily intake but I’m pretty sure the worst thing you can do on a diet is starve all day then wolf down every piece of food in sight.. Having eaters regret currently, kinda upset with myself, my meal could have definitely been healthier :(.

Anyways, woke up this morning and weighed myself, I weight 300 exactly now but I’m not getting my hopes us, it’s probably a one day thing haha. Got my hair done, darker than normal but I love it, and got my nails done, love them!!! 🙂

Short blog tonight, hopefully tomorrow will be longer!


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