Weigh in week 1

Nothing like waking up after a week of hard work to losing 1.8 lbs 🙂

Hey everyone!

Today was my first weigh in since I started this blog.. Aka a week. So today I had brunch with my boyfriends family, went and helped my dad pick out phones for work, just throwing it out there, it’s easier to buy a car haha. Anyways I went to the gym, worked off some phone frustration and now I’m home just being in a bad mood. Today was like a snowball of bad moodiness, I apologize in advance to anyone who was in the way of my moodiness. Anyways I chose to stay home tonight to… Well get over this shitty mood. When I am in a bad mood even the smallest comment angers me more so I just stay home and avoid confrontation. For example my autocorrect on my old school blackberry keeps messing up my words and I almost flicked it at a wall.

Anyways to the results of the week.. Dun dun dunnnnn. Weighed in today at 301.2 woo another 1.8lbs down! Just gotta keep it all up and continue to lose the weight, still have 1.3lbs till I’m under 300 and next week I’ll be there :). Thanks everyone for your support 🙂 xox


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