Late night posts

Tomorrow is weigh day, I’m not feeling the best about it, not gonna lie, but for the most part I have eaten healthy and within my calorie limit. I hope I am under 303 but it know I haven’t hit my 300lb goal, just gives me something to strive for next week :).

Today was a good day, boyfriend is back in town, got to the gym, cuddled my little niece and had a great night with my sister and her husband. All in all I would consider tonight a pleasant, fun night :). I am happy :). Not many people can say that and believe it themselves, but even with the weight on I am happy, just I would feel better about myself if I was smaller and healthier. I have a huge rant about self esteem and such but that will come on a day when I have the time and I am not typing from an iPad haha.

Stay tuned for the weigh in tomorrow!!! 🙂

Who doesn’t love a late night pug picture?

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