Workout aches and eating out.

My motivation to become not only a better and more fun aunt but to also become healthier for when I decide to have children myself đŸ™‚

Ever have a really good workout and the next morning wanna saw off a limb because it’s aching with every movement? Yup that was me this morning, unfortunately there is nothing you can do about this pain but literally walk it off, in my case it was to get back into the squats and ab workout. Legs still hurt a bit but the aching only reminds you that you’re doing it right.

Today I went out for supper for the first time since starting my blog, it was fun, Chantelle, Kriston and I went to Montana’s. Now I know eating out is horrible or that most people use eating out as a way to eat junkier, and that’s what I did. I had Kapow shrimp, chicken strips covered in Texas bold BBQ and a side of chicken noodle soup. Together the meal probably would have put me over my daily alloying of calories but because I decided to save some for tomorrow I remained under. Don’t feel like you have to finish your full meal at the table, you’ll just end up gorging yourself and feeling bad about it later. Opt for the “doggy bag” and then you have lunch for the next day or even the next two days depending on how creative you can get with your leftovers. I have a friend who will cut her leftover chicken strips up and use them in a wrap the next day :). Losing weight is a lifestyle change and if you don’t change what, or how much, you eat then you’ve already started on a downward slope to weightless failure.


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