Giant Pitas and painful ab workout

Giant Pita
Nothing like eating a pita the same size as your head haha

Ugh… Okay first, when out and about shopping you can never go wrong with a pita for lunch. Unless that pita is the size of your head and then it’s just a little too much. I did not think at pita world the regular wraps were that big (pictured above), however they are certainly very tasty. Chicken Cesar with tomato, lettuce, pickles, cucumber, green peppers, and cheese 🙂 yum yum.

Have you ever woke up and just felt fat? I did today, my friend Jon described it best when he said its like you feel constantly full even when you haven’t eaten. The kinda day that just makes you wanna grab your comfortable sweater and pj pants and just cuddle with a bag of chips and a movie with a hot guy… Well maybe that’s just me haha. However, I am not going to let feeling fat give me an excuse to get larger so off to the gym I went again. Did the normal 30 min treadmill then went into a room and did “floor exercises” including sit ups and going from lying down on the floor to sitting up without using your hands to help.. No gonna lie.. Couldn’t do it the first time, however I tried again and with much motivation I managed to do one, then two, then three… That’s as far as I was gonna go, don’t want all this stomach fat to go at once haha. I will be trying that again tomorrow for sure.


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