Exercising with Friends :)

Working on my Fitness is Always better with a friend, in this case Jonathan :).

I have been going to a gym on and off since I was 13 and I must have made every excuse not to go, and if u went I would pick the easiest machines or sit in the sauna till my parents picked me up. This time around it is different, I have friends who I go with and help push me to keep at it even if I’m having a lazy day, which when your my size, happens a lot more often than is acceptable.

Today I was out to the gym with one of my besties whom I met in my diploma program, Jonathan Chatman. He doesn’t look like he needs the gym, nor do I think he does, but he wants to go and honestly. I’f you want to go to the gym it really can’t hurt. Even the skinniest of people need to gain stamina . You could weight 100lbs and be 5 foot 6 and still not be able to run the length of yourself. Typically in the gym I will go on the treadmill for 30-40 minutes then head over to the “fit fix” machines to tone. Sometimes I will add the elliptical, or even the bike, but that is usually only twice a week.

Exciting news tho! So larger people have the issue of not being able to shop for clothes in normal stores. Actually within St. John’s the only place to really shop that offers all sizes is additionelle and penningtons, reitmans has some clothes but nothing really pant wise. So I went to Old Navy Friday with steph and I found out I can finally fit in a xxl sweater they sell, granted old navy sizes are a little bigger but still it was exciting :). For all my larger friends out there check out old navy Canada online, they recently added a plus section for women, shipping is free over $50, and it’s going to be the only place I will buy jeans from. They fit without giving you a blocky look.

Anyways 15 days till I head back to Churchill Falls, going to try to get to the gym every day, convocation day may be a write off, but other than that I’ll be all over the gym! Going to miss Goodlife when I head back to Churchill Falls :(.


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