Family Support and Calorie Burning Activities Around the House :)

Losing weight is not an easy task and it takes a lot of support from family and friends to do so. Everyone around you needs to understand that you are making a life change and just because you don’t want to eat that piece of cake doesn’t mean you don’t like their cooking. As well if you are living with someone (family member or girlfriend/boyfriend), they should encourage you to cook better meals, and to get off the couch and do anything, even standing up watching tv is better than sitting down. I have that support in my family and friends, especially my great boyfriend who lives with me and will have to put up with all the health food haha.

Currently I am enrolled at Goodlife Fitness on a monthy basis, however when I go back to Churchill Falls I will end up sitting down for most of the day since there isn’t too much to do there. Soon it will be cold and snowy outside and it’s not possible to stay on a treadmill all day because it will take the fun out of it. So here are a few ideas to burn weight if you’re having a lazy day or you just cannot get out of the house.

Cleaning, it sucks but it’ll keep you active and occupied
Dancing, turn on some music and just shake those hips. Tip: if you’re shy just close the blinds, then you won’t be worrying about people being able to see you.
Wash your pet, you use a lot of arm muscles doing this and your dog will get a well deserved clean :). However I don’t suggest you wash your cat… They are all sorts of dangerous to wash.

There are more things you can do but I don’t want this to be too winded haha.

My lovely little family: Alex and my two pugs Ivy (fawn) and Penny (black)

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