The Beginning

My name is Sherilynn Upshall and I am fat, not you’re 20-30lb over weight kinda fat, but the morbidly obese kinda fat. However I hate the word morbid so I’ll just be saying fat. 

I’m not going to give some speech about how my life was horrible and I found comfort in food, yes I was bullied and almost any overweight child was but that is not what this blog is going to be about. No matter how many times I was called fat, I put that cupcake in my own mouth so it’s entirely my problem. This blog is dedicated to my daily life and my struggle with losing the weight I put on myself and becoming a healthier person overall. 

Some of the stuff you’ll be seeing on this blog will be ranting on how much I want a chocolate bar or chips, I will be putting myself down for having a bad food day because that’s how I am, any workouts I completed for the day, and photos of healthy recipes I make with explanations of what is included.

Currently I weigh in at 303lbs at a height of 5’6″. I have weighed as much as 320lbs, at that point I knew I had to change something cause next thing I would be 400lbs and unable to do much. My boyfriend and I got a treadmill and I came into town for almost 2 months and joined a gym, best thing I have ever done. Within a month I’ve lost 17lbs and I’m still losing weight. 

Everyone knows that you cannot lose weight unless you are motivated to do so, simply being told you need to lose weight will never work. I used to be under 200lbs and even then I was told to lose weight. This time I have motivation, my little niece Mia. I look at her and realize that in my lifetime I am going to want a family of my own, be able to keep up with them, and even keep up with Mia as she grows. At my weight, I wont be able to, and the last thing I want is to be known as the lazy mother or the mother who couldn’t conceive a child because she’s too fat. Overall I want to get back under 200lbs, but setting a goal of 104lbs to lose is pretty discouraging when only losing a pound a week. So I will be setting goals in 20lbs intervals, my first goal is to get to 299.9lbs, then 279.9lbs and so on.

So join me on this difficult journey, through the good and bad days, till the day I achieve my ultimate goal of 199.9lbs. This time I am not giving up, this time I have my motivation.


4 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. You are beautiful inside and out Sherilynn :). Keep up the excellent work and stay dedicated! I know you can do it 🙂 xoxo. All the best my love!!!

  2. One day at a time… one meal at a time.. never give up.. im overweight as well…
    I just cant get the motivation to get at it right now… one day maybe…

  3. Sherilynn- I think this is so wonderful, so brave and so encouraging …keep up your hard work and dedication because it will all be worth it for you and your future, .lots of love xoxo- I look forward to following you on your journey:)

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